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Sliced "Bellota" Iberian Ham



Sliced "Bellota" Iberian Ham from Guijuelo (Salamanca). 100g

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The "Bellota" Iberian Ham from Guijuelo comes from the hind legs of the Iberian breed of pig.

Our Iberian Bellota Hams are from purebred Iberian pigs that roam freely in the fields, feeding on the pastures and some acorns. This forces the animals living in freedom to move continuously, to exercise their muscles, favouring a perfect distribution of intramuscular fat. This is the most appreciated quality of the Iberian ham.

Bellota Iberian Hams are selected according to the purity of the breed, the type of feed and qualities of each pig.

At Silvarita you can find exquisite Bellota Iberian Hams, cured for a period of months (between 30 and 48 months) following regulated artisanal methods and from pigs enjoying their freedom, feeding on the pastures and who have had a peaceful existence.

Our Bellota Iberian Hams are from Guijuelo and have the following characteristics:

- Black hoof, with a streamlined elongated form and a narrow foot.

- Our cut has numerous fat veins that extend into the lean meat and there are some white dots (tyrosine crystals) that crystallize in the muscle mass, which means that the curing process has been adequate.

- The fat is bright and displays golden tones revealing a low melting point, characteristic of the fat of the acorns.

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Our sliced Bellota Iberian Hams are around 100 g per pack and are provided with appropriate packaging and labeling.


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Sliced "Bellota" Iberian Ham

Sliced "Bellota" Iberian Ham

Sliced "Bellota" Iberian Ham from Guijuelo (Salamanca). 100g

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