Primer Tast de Vins

Primer Tast de Vins

On Saturday 19 March, coinciding with the Mercat del Ram of Vic & Wine Stain Silvarita the first organized wine tasting paired with Iberian ham Guijuelo Designation of Origin cheeses and Camprodon Valley. The tasting was held in the Convalescent Home Vic an excellent environment for this type of event with attendees and luxury.

The tasting took place in Catalan Enric stain Wine sommelier Sant Cugat, a lover of wine and great communicator of his passion. Enric has earned a place in the wine world, a world that is booming and where there is much competition. You can see it from doing a wine tasting intimate friends until Mobile World Congress presenting Catalan wine attendees from around the world. Since I met him, I was clear that it was indisputable added value and the perfect complement to Silvarita.

The conference was divided into three parts very dynamic and enriching:

The first part consisted of a set of odors. This wine is not only wine, but play intensities, colors, smells and thousands of factors that make each one has its own personality. We had four groups to see who could guess most odors through some opaque jars that had to smell. There were cinnamon, roasted, licorice, thyme, etc. Good start to train your nose!

In the second part of the tasting we begin to taste the wines. Trying to figure out what we remember and what that smell was wine before tasting it. Specifically, we did a tasting of five wines. Three black, white and pink.

The first sample was White's Square Cellar, a wine from Montsant young but very experienced in the sector. A wine that leaves no one indifferent. This was paired with Iberian ham with D.O. Guijuelo. A combination recommended by somiller positively surprised that many of the attendees.

The next wine was tasted rosé wine Carlania. A wine with Denomination of Origin Conca de Barbera that has achieved the bronze award VINAR (2015) to wine for the younger Petit Carlania. A wine that was sold by the great success of which already becomes available, among other places, in our online store (

The three wines will be served at the time as seen in the glass could be distinguished by different colors, which of them was younger or older. It was a good exercise because visual surprisingly seeing them together, appreciated the difference.

Among the reds had a young wine cellar Clos93 with the question of D.O.Q Priorat winery also young but with very clear ideas which have guaranteed success. Also a cabernet sauvignon Pla de Bages, the U Urpina where there is a huge social implication behind (there is a blog post dedicated to this foundation) and a 2009 vintage of the winery Carlania.

During the tasting part of the ham was also paired with cheeses. A cow cheese with rosemary, which was the most tender, a goat cheese of three weeks of maturing cheese and fresh sheep least a month of healing.

To finish the day, we did a tasting vinegars that positively surprised the audience.

We are sure it will not be the first or last wine tasting organized by us.

Thank you all / as to make this tasting was the beginning of many others!